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New Prototyping Sketch Sheets for WP7

November 18, 2010

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Grab the prototype sketch sheet here (pdf).

The benefits of testing and prototyping are straight forward and typically instant. If you’re just beginning to generate ideas and share them, physical paper prototypes are wonderful. They’re fast, fun to show and actually better conversation because of their tangible, visceral nature. Besides, I would much prefer playing with a prototype to get the best experience, rather than talking about what we could do.

The Windows Phone 7 design system, Metro, leads itself well to paper prototyping. Since the goal of WP7 was an integrated, seamless user experience, a single sheet of paper could represent a task or scenario and fed through a mocked device. Testing different representations of an application’s layout, information structure and overall flow can be achieved in a few minutes.

Watch Albert Shum, Director of Mobile Experience Design, talk about WP7 Metro here (youtube).

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