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November 6, 2009

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Change feels risky, while existing paths seem safe no matter how dated they are.

Change feels risky, while existing paths seem safe no matter how dated they are.

Things change; it happens nearly every nanosecond in tech. The only problem with this constant reality is our ability to move with the tide in ways that benefit the profession; design, UX, development or otherwise. We get mired in the details, side swiped by edge cases and wrapped up in defining things that won’t matter in 6 months. So let’s do some house-keeping shall we?

Glass houses make better stories
If we can track, articulate and make clear measureable meaning out of what we do and how we do it, our stock inherently rises, internally (your personal value perception at your job) and externally (our industry on whole). The mythical smoke screen around how and what we do should be lifted. We can’t very well create advocates for our work, if no one understands it.

Do something that adds relatable value
No one cares about anyone else’s plight, so why not solve problems that people care about? What larger issues can be made better by a bit of your brain power and talent? If designers and devs can show their skills have reach beyond the screen glare emanating from our cubes, we could then begin to inspire a larger, inclusionary conversation that creates value and meaning.

Expression + Impression = Addition
Often, egos mask collaboration with compromise. Yet, real innovation is a social act, founded on idea interchange and iterative conversation. And the output is well structured, more concrete, better idea with a team of consensus and excitement to make it even better.

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