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March 11, 2009

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First pass wireframe for WPF workshop.

First pass wireframe for WPF workshop.

A designer in a WPF class. An odd feeling… Typing up some code, talking about data binding and memory footprint. But I have a purpose; I am on a mission to learn how to maximize project process for dev/designer teams. And I am not alone; half the room is filled with designers. Reason? The main class focus is on workflow between design and dev. My partner is a long-time engineer/architect from Schlumberger in Houston. We selected is a project management app specifically for geospatial work and the enormous amount of data, details and visuals required for each project. In listening to the depth and complexity of the applications they provide, I doubt we can truly solve Schlumberger’s data visualization in 3 days, but it is certainly worth trying. I have taken a pass at sketching and wireframing solutions and today my dev counterpart will do the same.

The workshop itself is set-up to communicate the Expression platform to both camps; toggling between information presented by a developer and a designer. So far it has been a huge help and a treat to have such a unique experience.

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