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Designing for Windows Phone 7

October 8, 2010

in design

I have not-so-fond memories of the pain involved in starting a mobile app project…What’s allowed? Can we design to the edge of the screen or are there dead-zones along the edges? How many times can we make critical changes to this design before the intent is lost?

Designers can take heed.
There are Windows Phone 7 Photoshop templates (.ZIP) and resources ready to go, so you can focus on great user experience, instead of being mired in the pixel-pushing. The Metro (the name given to the WP7 look) Resource Guide (.PDF) simply communicates how to use the styling and templates; no need to sweat through extended consistency testing across the application or OS.

Feel like breathing some life into it?
To add interaction and take advantage of all the pre-baked touch transitions and behaviors (again, no need to re-invent the wheel), grab Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone trial. Once you have Blend downloaded, you can import the Photoshop templates and start making the app real.

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