Needed: Process, Practice and Productivity Workshops for Teams

May 20, 2009

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Jared Bienz Presenting to Web Design Meetup in Houston

Jared Bienz Presenting to Web Design Meetup in Houston

It seems that most everyone involved in product and technology service is open to process change and would like to see things get better. I have talked here about getting unstuck, collaboration, fixing our process, but writing about it doesn’t feel like enough.

Tony Tulathimutte wrote this wonderful, insightful chapter on Remote Research that got me thinking, why not SHOW people how you work/how it’s done. Every facet in execution of product or project process could most likely use a fresh set of eyes at the very least, if not a total makeover. It’s not just usability lab testing that could use an overhaul and a workshop to learn from; cross-team collaboration, manager influence and expectations, product development and lifecycle, design strategy conveyed in business strategy.

If you have a workshop or a practice that should be a workshop, let me know, I want to attend. DM or @reply on my twitter page. There is nothing that gets me more excited than fresh, passionate ideas. Next time I am in San Francisco, Tony, I would love to watch one of your observation sessions.

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