It’s 2009. Are We Ready For the Next Disruptive Technology?

April 16, 2009

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Capturing effective gestural interaction in sketches.

Capturing effective gestural interaction in sketches.

In doing some research and writing over the past few days, I discovered that we may be overdo for the next disruptive innovation in the design industry. A quick look back in our industries history tells us that the time is near. The mid 1980’s brought us desktop publishing, then affordable home computer printers, digital photography in the 1990’s, quickly followed by the rise of email and the internet for the masses. These were all essentially ‘disruptive’ in the sense that they seemed to have happened over night, without warning (to most). Each new innovation has drastically changed what the design industry can do, how we work and what we work with on a daily basis. Taking one of these technologies off the map would be kidnapping a critical piece of the progress we’ve earned.

Are we prepared for what will be asked of us next? As change nears with affordable gestural interaction computing, new tools and platforms for creating those experiences will emerge. New, affordable and efficient ways to do our jobs are landing at our feet, but we need to be open changing with the industry. I feel lucky (in a way) to have spent most of my career excelling in a few key pieces of software because that wasn’t my college experience. From 1994-1999, I learned 4-5 different programs a year. Thankfully I don’t think designers and developers will have to endure quite as many variables. This year will reveal a new face in advancing the technology industry. Keep your eyes peeled!

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