MIX 09 Like Being at a Rock Show

March 24, 2009

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MIX announcement keynote with Bill Buxton

MIX announcement keynote with Bill Buxton

This year was my very first MIX experience and I was totally impressed. Sitting there waiting in the huge keynote convention room as the excitement was building; I couldn’t help but be giddy. Microsoft announced a bunch of great new Silverlight and Blend 3 goodies that range from useful and practical to absolutely game-changing. The revolution and quickness in which Blend and Silverlight features and functionality are being updated and released parallels what only small web-based apps have been able to do in the past. The iterative nature of the web and the design process itself is mirrored for the first time in desktop application history with these tools. IE8 was also launched and is available now. If you think the browser war has been won you should take a look at IE8, it’s smooth, powerful and helps you automate your frequent tasks without hassle.

I honestly thought MIX was a developer conference, but I was wrong. Seeing some of my favorite heroes; Bill Buxton, Dan Roam and Luke Wroblewski made my week.

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